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Budget 2004-2005  Headlines

  • Tk. 50 crore allocated for NGO Foundation to distribute Micro Credit. Tk. 100 crore allocated for hard core poor
  • Tk. 4480 crore allocated for Railway and Transport sector. Tk. 4300 crore for power
  • Tk. 165 per person per month for Elderly allowance (Bayaska Bhata) - 10% increase
  • Tk. 5 crore allocated for Independent Anti Corruption Comission
  • Tk. 306 crore additional fund for Police to improve Law & Order situation
  • Tk. 200 crore allocation for EEF fund (for IT and Agro based industry). Tk. 100 crore special fund for Agro based industry. Tk. 200 crore allocation for loan disbusement at 5% to SME through specialized banks
  • Export growth more than 14% this year (1st 9 months).
  • Education to get highest allocation
  • 56% budget to be financed from local source and 44% from foreign source
  • Budget Deficit to 4.8%
  • Rural and Agro sector gets priority in this years budget. Tk. 4902 crore allocated for rural development

Budget 2004-2005 New

» Introduction and State of Economy

» Direct Tax

» Indirect Tax- Customs Duty

» Indirect Tax- VAT

» Annual Financial Statement 2004-05



Audio (MP3) of Finance Minister's Budget Speech

  • Introduction (1st part) 1st 10 minutes

  • Introduction (2nd part) 2nd 10 minutes

  • State of the Economy 3rd 10 minutes

  • New Budget Highlights & Allocations (part 1) 4th 10 minutes

  • New Budget Highlights & Allocations (part 2)  5th 10 minutes

  • New Budget Highlights & Allocations (part 3) 65th 10 minutes

  • Direct/Income TAX proposals (part1)

  • Direct/Income TAX proposals (part 2)


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