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What is Biodiversity?

All life on earth is part of one great, interdependent system. It interacts with, and depends on, the non-living components of the planet: atmosphere, oceans, freshwaters, rocks, and soils. Humanity depends totally on this community of life--this biosphere--of which we are an integral part. Biological diversity, or biodiversity, is the variety of the world's organisms, including their genetic diversity and the assemblages they form. It is the blanket term for the natural biological wealth that undergirds human life and well-being. The breadth of the concept reflects the interrelatedness of genes, species, and ecosystems.

Bangladesh Biodiversity:

National Biodiversity Planning

The following seven-step biodiversity planning process -- based on the real-world experiences of Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Egypt, Germany, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, The Philippines, Poland, the South Pacific, United Kingdom, and Vietnam -- serves as a guide to those willing to make biodiversity planning .... Full Document

Special Articles:

  • Guide to Developing a Biodiversity Strategy from a Sustainable Development Guide to Developing a Biodiversity Strategy from a Sustainable Development Perspective
    By: Jacques Prescott, Benoît Gauthier, Jonas Nagahuedi Mbongu Sodi

  • How protected areas can respond to the changing nature of society (PDF)
    By: Jeffrey A. McNeely

  • Do We Still Need Nature? The Importance of Biological Diversity
  • Conservation and the future: trends and options toward the year 2025 a discussion paper (PDF)
    By: Jeffrey A. McNeely

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