Earth Day 2002

Earth Day 22 April, 2002  " Protect Our Home " Who says you can't change the world ?


When Is Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22. Earth Day is most often observed by the media, hundreds of local groups and noted on calendars on April 22..and many observe Earth Week and Earth Month and since most events and festivals need to take place on a weekend, ED is observed on the weekends before and after. Others also observe it on March 21 and World Env Day is on June 6...

Why Earth Day?

Because it works. Annual occasions throughout history and in all cultures provide meaningful opportunities for celebration, education and action. Earth Day observations and celebrations include all social sectors, nationalities and cultural groups. Earth Day is a successful catalyst for ongoing environmental education, action and change. Earth Day activities offer important points of entry to address worldwide environmental concerns as well as the opportunities for individuals and communities to focus on their local environmental problems. Local activities include clean-ups, restoration projects, parades, fairs, conferences, and concerts. Because Earth Day observances broaden the base of support for environmental programs, rekindle public commitment, and enroll participation from every social and business sector, they can be used to implement wide-scale programs that bring people together to act for the common good.

Earth Day Background

The first Earth Day in 1970 rallied over 20 million Americans from around the country and on college campuses to get involved in environmental "teach-ins." Conceptualized by Gaylord Nelson and organized by Denis Hayes, Earth Day events featured the largest grassroots mobilization in US history. Out of these events emerged what has come to be known as the environmental movement and the first environmental legislation - the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts. For the 20th anniversary in 1990, Denis Hayes again led the effort and more than 200 million people in 141 countries participated worldwide. Due in large part to the efforts of hundreds of local organizers, Earth Day is now an anticipated annual event in April.

How to Get Started

If you are new to community organizing, you may be wondering when and where to start. The time to begin is now. What you do depends on where you are! Are you already part of a local group? Are you looking to start your own? What resources do you have? What environmental groups already exist in your area? Do you have a particular issue that is driving your commitment? One key feature of Earth Day is that it is a powerful context for all issues.


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