"Disaster Prevention, Education and Youth"

2000 World Natural Disaster Reduction

  • Disaster Prevention, Education and Youth Campaign 2000
Special Messages & Press Release
  • Secretary General Kofi Annan's message
  • General Assembly President's Message on Natural Disaster Reduction Day, Preserves UN’S Focus on Prevention, Education, Youth
Resolutions & Declarations
  • Declaration of Intent The Geneva Mandate On Disaster Reduction

  • ISDR

    • A/RES/54/219. 3 February 2000.
      International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction:
      successor arrangements ¦English¦¦French¦

    • E/1999/63. International Decade for natural Disaster reduction: successor arrangements.
      Please go to page 149 of the following United Nations Document:

Bangladesh & Natural Disaster
  • International Natural Disaster Reduction Day in Bangladesh
  • Flood Forecast 2000 Bangladesh.
  • Photo on Flood 2000, Bangladesh.

Articles & Features
  • EWC'98. Pogramme and Abstracts. International IDNDR Conference on Early Warning Systems for the Reduction of Natural Disasters. Potsdam, Federal Republic of Germany. 125 pages.
  • Report on Early Warning Capabilities for Geological Hazards
    Convener of International Working Group, and first author: Dr. Robert Hamilton, Chairman, IDNDR Scientific and Technical Committee, Washington, D.C. USA
  • Natural Disaster reduction in the twenty-first century: Science & technology can make the difference

  • Report on Early Warning for Hydrometeorological Hazards Including Drought
    Convener of International Working Group, and Author: Dr. Desmond O’Neill (Consultant) World Weather Watch Department, World Meteorological Organization Geneva, Switzerland

  • Report on Early Warning for Fire and Other Environmental Hazards
    Convener of International Working Group, and first Author: Dr. Johann G. Goldammer Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Biogeochemistry Department Fire Ecology Research Group, Freiburg University
    Freiburg GERMANY

  • Report on Early Warning for Technological Hazards
    Convener of International Working Group, and first author: Dr. Peter Krejsa Austrian Research Centre Seibersdorf, Austria

  • Special web sites related to Natural Disaster Reduction
  • Subject Specific Links and Information
    Earthquakes | Landslides | Hurricanes | Floods | Droughts | Fires | Tsunamis | Volcanoes


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