" Women Uniting for Peace "

Bangladesh will celebrate International Women's Week (IWW) from March 4 to 10, 2001, with the highlight being International Women's Day (IWD) on March 8. The theme for International Women's Day/Week 2001 is "Raising Our Diverse Voices for Positive Change!".

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News Releases

  • Members of International Women's Day Observance Committee formed a human chain
  • International Women's Week Celebrations
  • International Women's Day/Week: Women, Raising Our Diverse Voices for Positive Change!

Articles on Women's Day 2001 and Bangladesh

  • Development as Empowerment - BIDS
    BIDS Roundtable Discussion
    Jointly Organized with Naripokhkho - 5th November 2000

  • The Changing Face of Women in Bangladesh
    by : Jennifer Morris

  • Women Helping Women in Bangladesh
    by : Jim Mullins and Alice Boatwright

Global Network

  • Global Women's Day

IWD Links

  • South Asian Women's Network (Sawnet) - forum for women's issues covering Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

  • Journal of South Asia Women Studies - fields of study: law, arts, religion and philosophy.

  • Women of Asia - quarterly magazine for executives and leaders. Includes news and articles for women in Asia.

  • Women's Studies in Asia 2000 - international conference giving participants an overview of Women's Studies and women's issues in the context of the history and culture of various countries.
  • International Women's Day - Portland, OR - held annually on the second Sunday in March. It includes entertainment, workshops, and more.
  • Web Directory: International Women's Day Information and Links - NurseHealer.com
  • International Women's Day - background on the commemorative day from the UN Department of Public Information.
  • History of International Women's Day - in words and images. By Joyce Stevens.
  • International Women's Day - Australia - get information on IWD-related activities down under.
  • International Women's Day Celebration - details about school progams, student writing contests, and leadership breakfasts facilitated in part through the YWCA America.
  • International Women's Day eCards - from the Australian Women's Intra Network.


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