Work Shop Report
Title: Implementation of Virtual Library Information System (VLIS)
Date: April 05, 2002
Venue: BIDS Conferance Room, Dhaka.

Implementation of Virtual Library Information System (VLIS)



SDNP Bangladesh, a UNDP funded project of BIDS (one of the component of SEMP, GoB) has been working to promote sustainable development through information networking. Among many activities, mass information dissemination forms a major task of the project. The project has developed a web site for this purpose with content, data and information related to development activities in Bangladesh.

Apart from these activities, the project has taken an initiative to include available resources from reputed libraries and transform them to be accessible through web. BIDS library has more than 100,000 publications in the form of books, booklets, and journals. This lead the web team of SDNP to develop a virtual library information system (VLIS) and already several libraries have been included in this system.

To promote the product, its usage and include more participants a workshop was held on April 5, 2002 at the BIDS conference room with participants from about 15 organizations. Each organization sent two of their personnel, including the librarian and a personnel actively involved in library database.

The following list includes the name of participating organizations, universities and NGOs:

1.   Association of Development Agencies of Bangladesh (ADAB)

2.  Bangladesh Public Administrator Training Centre (BPATC)

3.  Bangladesh Agriculture University (BAU)

4.  Bangbandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agriculture University (BSMRAU)

5.  International University of Business, Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT)

6.  International Union of Conservation for Nature, Bangladesh (IUCN Bangladesh)

7.  Department of Environment, Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF)

8.  BRAC University

9.  National Press Club

10.  Bangladesh Sangbad Shangstha (BSS)

11.  International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh  (ICDDRB)

12.  Unnayan Shamunnay (US) and

13.  Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS).


The Director General of BIDS welcomed all participants with the welcome address and
inaugurated the workshop.

Then the Project Coordinator of  SDNP informed the participants with the recent success stories of  SDNP Bangladesh and described its networking infrastructure.

The workshop was conducted with two sessions. In the first session, the Chief Librarian of BIDS gave an oversight on "Automation of BIDS Library" to familiarize the participants on the available and largely used library management software, CDS ISIS developed by UNESCO. The presentation and documents include step by step details of BIDS library automation.

In the second session the Web team of  SDNP introduced the "SDNP Virtual Library", its characteristics, facilities and available features. Through VLIS a remote administrator can add, edit and modify databases for efficient searching and any remote user can browse the content without knowing the database platform. For the demonstration, the virtual library has six sets of databases from four organizations.

After the second session, there was an interactive session where the participants discussed about the system, its introduction in their organizations, features for further improvements and other issues. 

The workshop concluded with vote of thanks from the Project Director, SDNP.


The following recommendations came out of the workshop:

  • Establish one or more cyber kiosks in the central public library or similar places in
    addition to the prescribed centres as indicated by the project.

  •   Enter into a long term partnership programme with the Library Association of Bangladesh (LAB). (LAB is organizing a training programme for about 100 librarians from different colleges around the country and SDNP agreed to provide technical assistance to them. In this regard, a batch of 25 librarians participated in a demonstration session on April 11, 2002 at SDNP training room).

  • Include more organizations in the database (a few of the participants including ICDDRB agreed to host their library database in the virtual library.

  • Held similar interactive workshops at regular interval with involvement of diversified organizations with library facility and assist them to computerize their library database utilizing available software like, CDS ISIS.

  • Develop a complete library management system to be used by all libraries.


Schedule of the workshop

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