World Summit on Sustainable Development

Johannesburg Summit 2002 – the World Summit on Sustainable Development – improving people's lives and conserving our natural resources in a world that is growing in population, with ever-increasing demands for food, water, shelter, sanitation, energy, health services and economic security.



Preparations for the Johannesburg Summit are well under way. In order to set an agenda that allows governments and other major players to join forces effectively in Johannesburg so as to confront the real challenges of sustainable development, countries agreed that preparations would begin at the national, sub-regional and regional levels, moving towards the global stage.

The issues to be considered in Johannesburg are being identified and agreed at each level through a participatory process involving governments and other stakeholders, who are known as the Major Groups. A series of regional preparatory meetings has now been held and substantive preparations are now underway at the global level.


Global Level

First Summit Preparatory Committee (PREPCOM 1)
31 April – 2 May 2001, New York

Second Summit Preparatory Committee (PREPCOM 2)
28 January – 8 February 2002, New York

Third Summit Preparatory Committee (PREPCOM 3)
25 March – 5 April 2002, New York

Fourth Summit Preparatory Committee (PREPCOM 4)
27 May – 7 June 2002, Bali, Indonesia

Regional Level


Asia and the Pacific

Europe and North America

Latin America and the Caribbean

West Asia

National Level

Country Profiles

National Assessment Reports



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