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Inter Basin Water Transfer Link Project of India

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  The River-linking Programme in India  
Inter Basin Water Transfer link Project
Indian National Perspective Plan
Persons Behind The Project
National Water Policy/Act
Scenario of Water Resources of India
Progress of Work So Far
Trans Boundary River Management
Bangladesh's Perspective


Nearly three-fourths of the world surface is water which while extremely critical for the earth’ survival is not fit for direct human consumption or for economic activities such as agriculture and manufacturing industry.

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Freshwater fulfills this need. Unfortunately, freshwater flow which is composed of surface water in rivers, inland lakes (excluding perhaps the Dead Sea) and wetlands (excluding estuaries and marine-influenced ones), and ground water is unevenly distributed over space and time (between years and between seasons within a year).

Attempts therefore have been made by countries and nations to distribute freshwater as evenly as possible. This has given rise to engineering interventions since time immemorial. More....

Ganges Water Sharing
  International conference on "Regional Cooperation on Trans-boundary Rivers: Impact of the Indian River-linking Project" 

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