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Five People World Wide Die of AIDS Every Minutes Do You Have Time

Five people worldwide die of AIDS every minute of every day. HIV has hit every corner of the globe, infecting more than 42 million men, women and children, 5 million of them last year alone.

Worldwide, and in 2002 alone, AIDS claimed 3 million people last year. That's over 8,000 people every day. But the story does not end there: just under 14,000 new cases of HIV infections occur every single day.

95% of all AIDS cases occur in the world's poorest countries. In several southern African countries, at least one in five adults is HIV positive. In 2000, the HIV prevalence rate among pregnant women in South Africa rose to its highest level ever: 24.5% bringing to 4.7 million the estimated total number of South Africans living with the virus.

That's a terrifying thought. And it's the reality that millions of people in developing countries are living with HIV and AIDS as you read this: communities devastated, teachers and doctors dying every day, people's futures shattered, because they can't afford the drug treatments that are helping people living with HIV and AIDS in richer countries like ours.

Worldwide Statistics

  • People newly infected with HIV in 2002: 5 million

  • AIDS deaths in 2002: 3 million...that's over 8,000 deaths per day

  • Estimated number of people living with HIV/AIDS at the end of 2002: 42 million

  • Total of AIDS deaths at the end of 2002: 28.1 million

  • Total number of AIDS orphans: 13.2 million

Source: UNAIDS


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