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The 3rd World Water Forum
March 16-23,2003 Japan

Water for the Future...

The goal for World Water Day 2003 is to inspire worldwide political and community action and encourage greater global understanding of the need for more responsible water use and conservation. The theme for this year�s event is �Water for the Future�, calling on one and all to observe sustainable approaches to water use for the benefit of future generations.

The environment, economic growth and development of Bangladesh are all highly influenced by water - its regional and seasonal availability, and the quality of surface and groundwater. Spatial and seasonal availability of surface and groundwater is highly responsive to the monsoon climate and physiography of the country.

Availability also depends on upstream withdrawal for consumptive and non-consumptive uses. In terms of quality, the surface water of the country is unprotected from untreated industrial effluents and municipal wastewater, runoff pollution from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and oil and lube spillage in the coastal area from the operation of sea and river ports.

Water quality also depends on effluent types and discharge quantity from different type of industries, types of agrochemicals used in agriculture, and seasonal water flow and dilution capability by the river system.



The Executive Summary of the UN World Water Development Report is available online...

Why Water is the Big Issue
� at any given moment almost half the developing world's people are sick from unsafe water and sanitation.
� lack of water supply and sanitation robs millions of dignity, energy, and time.
� frequent disease is the main cause of poor growth and early death.
� for a third of the world the real environmental crisis is squalor, smells and disease on the doorstep.
� half of the developing world�s hospital beds are occupied by victims of unsafe water and poor sanitation.

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