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World Water Day 2004: Water and Disasters
Join the movement for action around the World Water Day, 22 March of each year

Weather, climate and water resources can have a devastating impact on socio-economic development and on the well-being of humankind. According to the World Meteorological Organization weather and climate-related extreme events, such as tornadoes, thunderstorms, storms, cyclones, floods and drought, account for nearly 75 per cent of all disasters. They lead to an enormous toll of human suffering, loss of life and economic damage. Monitoring these events, predicting their movements and issuing timely warnings are essential to mitigate the disastrous impact of such events on population and economy.

World Water Day 2004 on 22 March focuses on the theme: Water and Disasters. The UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction and the World Meteorological Organization have been charged with co-ordinating events on the day.

Water & disasters
Be informed & be prepared

In recent decades, people throughout the world have become increasingly alarmed over extreme weather events, which seem to be growing in frequency and adverse impact. Cyclones, storm surges, floods, droughts, avalanches, landslides or mudflows � all the water-related hazards pose an enormous risk to the millions who live in their path. Poor communities are particularly vulnerable: for them, natural hazards can swiftly lead to human catastrophes. It is now increasingly recognized that reducing this risk is a vital step towards meeting the Millennium Development Goals,



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