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About SDNP


The Sustainable Development Networking Program (SDNP) is a global catalytic initiative launched by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in response to Agenda 21, which articulated the need for improved information dissemination to support sustainable development. The program is geared towards facilitating communication between users and suppliers of sustainable development information in developing countries.

Bangladesh is intensely reliant on environmental and natural resources. Some times Natural calamity seriously wrinkled the natural resource base of the country, which could have serious adverse impact on output, income and employment.  Efforts are being made to address these issues by the Government, donors, political parties, NGOs and other advocacy groups. The Government has been giving some attention to this sector. Among others it has approved the National Environment Management Action Plan (NEMAP) in 1996. Sustainable environment Management Programme (SEMP) is an out come of NEMAP in Bangladesh.

SDNP in Bangladesh is acting as a non-profitable organization that affianced in network development programme for environment awareness, education, health care and countryside development projects in the rural areas of Bangladesh. SDNP defines as its community mission to contribute to national development by providing services in (1) information and communication technology and (2) Internet connectivity to rural communities for the enhancement of delivery of education, health care and livelihood programs of government agencies, multi-lateral and other concerned institutions.

SDNP has a vision to become the largest non-profit sector network related to Sustainable environment awareness programmes development in Bangladesh. Presently SDNP is implementing Point to point and point to multipoint radio link wireless connectivity to develop the proposed nationwide data backbone that can act as a pipeline for ISPs, government agencies, and corporations.

The main function of this service is to provide users ready access to the information super-highway at a minimal cost. Soon SDNP is accessible to implement a Point to Multipoint satellite technology to provide nation wide disaster management and establish an effective and cheaper communication between the costal areas where rapid communication is not yet easily available. To support communication in costal regions, applications in Internet access, virtual private networks, distance education, digital media streaming, tele-medicine corporate intranet and extranets, video conferencing, multicasting, and other IP-based services, SDNP is initiating the way of connecting communities.

The Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) is the implementing agency for two of the 26 components in SEMP - The Policy Analysis Studies which falls under the Policy and Institutions Sub-Program, and the Sustainable Development Network (SDN) falls under the Awareness and Advocacy Sub-Program.

One of the strategies for promoting Awareness and Advocacy is enabling easy access to information and knowledge. To effectively implement such a strategy, the Sustainable Development Network (SDN) aims to capitalize on the revolution in electronic communications and provide a new set of tools to achieve sustainable human development through a sharing of vital information, experience and expertise both within the country and globally.

To date UNDP has assisted several countries, including China, Indonesia, Korea, Pakistan, the Philippines, Angola, Chad, Tunisia, Poland, Bolivia, Guatemala, and the Honduras, in setting up pilot SDNs.

The objective of the Sustainable Development Network Project (SDNP) is to create an appropriate tool - the SDN - for achieving and facilitating exchange of information/knowledge among development partners, academia, policy makers and the civil society, both national and international, in order to design and implement unique plans for sustainable development in Bangladesh.




  • Enhance participation of stake holders in e-governance
  • Awareness and skill development in online information sharing and knowledge networking
  • Database, Information & online resource sharing
  • Institutionalize long term sustainability plan at community level

Project Area / Target Audience

  • Whole geographical region of Bangladesh and any affairs related to Bangladesh
  • SEMP Secretariat and components
  • Line ministries/ Policy makers Line ministries
  • Development partners
  • community leaders, civil society, official donor communities, local government officials, municipal offices
  • non-government organizations, private sectors, investors, professional bodies, chambers
  • academics and academic institutes, press clubs, medical institutes, public libraries, and individuals.

Project Activities (Interventions)

  • Design, Development and Hosting of Websites (SIAs and non SIAs)
  • E-mail and Internet Connectivity (SIAs and non SIAs)
  • Knowledge Management (e-group, newsletter, web pages, CDs, databases and brochures)
  • Database Development (Dynamically distributed databases on sustainable development)
  • Observance of National/International Days/Events (On development issues through website development & web hosting)
  • Capacity building (SIAs and non SIAs)
  • ICT Training

Impact of The Project (Mass Information Dissemination and Knowledge Networking in Bangladesh)

  • Sustainable Information Networking for Grass root development
  • Widespread sharing of Information, data and knowledge among development partners
  • Abbreviate the digital divide between internet reached and un-reached at community level
  • Raise the level of ICT usages among project participants

Major Achievements so far

Internet Connectivity


  • All 26 Sub implementing Agencies (SIAs) of Sustainable Environment Management Programme SEMP),
  • 50 non-SIAs,
  • 120 Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) users,
  • Steering Committee members and eminent individuals

Internet Connectivity to Important non-SIAs & Government and Non-Government Organizations

  • Daily Ittefaq
  • Bangladesh Open University
  • Ministry of Law and Justice and Parliamentary Affai
  • Ministry of Law and Justice
  • Bangladesh Computer Council
  • Bangladesh Environmental lawyers Association
  • Bangladesh Law Commission
  • Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University
  • Bangladesh Science Writers & Journalist Forum
  • Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh
  • Caritas Fisheries Program
  • Coalition of Environmental NGOs
  • Rural Electrification Board
  • EPB
  • Ministry of Shipping
  • BSS
  • Bangladesh Observer
  • DoE Establishing
  • The Independent
  • The New Nation
  • Liberation War Museum
  • News Garden
  • Director of Government Accommodation, Ministry of Housing
  • Frequency Board
  • Overseas Correspondents Association of Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh Public Library
  • Ministry of Land
  • Population Council
  • Sandhani, Dhaka Medical College
  • LGED
  • Bio-Diversity St. Martin

Established Network:

  • Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre (BPATC)
  • Ministry of environment and Forest (MoEF)
  • Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS)
  • Wasteconcern
  • International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN)
  • Bangladesh Telemedicine Association (BTA)
  • Institute and policy Support Unit (IPSU)
  • Programme Monitoring Unit (SEMP)
  • ICMS

Radio Link Established:

Programming & Database Development:

Web site development

International Days Observed:

International Mother Language Day
(2003) (2004)
International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
(2001) (2002) (2003) (2004)
International Women's Day
(2001) (2002) (2003) (2004) (2005)
World Habitat Day
(2000) (2002)
World Forest Day
International Day for Disaster Reduction
(2000)  (2004  )
World Water Day
(2001) (2003) (2004)
World Food Day
(2000) (2002) (2004)
World Health Day
(2002) (2004)
International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
(2000) (2002) (2004)
Earth Day observance
United Nations Day
International Day for Biological Diversity
(2000) (2001)
Universal Children' s Day
(2002) (2004)
World Environment Day
(2001) (2002) (2003) (2004)
World AIDS Day
(2001) (2002) (2003) (2004)
World Population Day
(2001) (2004)
International Day of Disabled Persons
International Day of the World's Indigenous People
(2002) (2004)
Human Rights Day
(2001) (2003)
International Literacy Day
(2001) (2003)

- World Diabetes Day (2001)
- World Cultural and Natural Heritage Day (2003)
- International Day for Tolerance (2001)


International Year:

- International Year of Micro Credite 2005
- International Year of Rice 2004
- International Year of Fresh Water 2003
- International Year of Mountains 2002

International Events:

- Kyoto Protocol
- Inernational Workshop on advanced Networking Technologies -Organised by APAN -SDNP, 28-31 January 2005
- Natioanl Adaptation Programme (NAPAs)
- Conference of the Parties Tenth Session, Buenos Aires, 6-17 December, 2004
- Flood 2004

- Tsunami, 26th December 2004
- Training on Internet Exchange, November 30 2004
- River -linking Programme in India
- World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) 2002
- The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), Geneva, 10-12 Dec 2003
- Conference on Asian Brown Cloud UNDP, 2002
- Interactive Dialogue on Climate Change, Bangladesh and the LDC Expert Group (LEG) Workshop on National Adaptation Programs of Action (NAPAs) Date: 18-21 Sep. 2002
- ccTLD Name Server Training, Organised by: World Wide Alliance of Top Level Domain-names and SDNP Bangladesh
- SACOSAN, South Asian Conference on Sanitation (SACOSAN) 21–23 Oct. 2003, Dhaka
- Second LDC Trade Ministers' Meeting, Dhaka, Bangladesh 31 May - 2 June 2003
- I-PRSP - A National Strategy for Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction, Economic Relations Division, Ministry of Finance Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
- APNIC Training, Effective IP Address Management: Asia-Pacific Policies & Procedures" 23 Jan. 2003
- COP 6, COP 8, COP 9
- BIDS NSU Seminar on Sustainable Development and Economics of Poverty
- The Fifth WTO Ministerial Conference, 10-14 Sep. 2003 (CANCUN)

Local Events:

- First Regional Node of SDNP at BAU Mymensingh
- National Election (2001)
- National Budget (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004)
- Begum Rokeya Day (2002)
- Pohela Baishakh (2002, 2003, 2004)
- Victory Day (2002, 2003)
- International Mother Language Day (2002, 2003, 2004)

Video Broadcasting to Website:

- PRSP National level thematic discussion - Barisal
- PRSP National level thematic discussion – Planning Commission, Dhaka
- GRAMAUS – MDGs Activities of GRAMAUS members

Multimedia CD Publication:
- World Environment Day 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
- Millennium Development Goals (A Portal in local language Bangla)
- PRSP National level thematic discussion, Barisal and Dhaka

GIS Map:
- Map for SDNP Regional Nodes Network
- MDGs Activities Location
- Administrative and Location Map of Bangladesh
- Map for Reports & Publications

Web Based Email Interface:
- SDNP Dhaka
- BAU Mymensingh

Web Site Hosting & Maintenance:

- Sustainable Development Networking Programme (SDNP) Bangladesh
- Sustainable Environment Management Programme (SEMP)
- Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF)
- Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies BIDS
- Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE)
- Wasteconcern
- Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon BAPA
- Bangladesh Environment Lawyers Association BELA
- Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre (BPATC)
- Millennium Development Goals (A Portal in local language Bangla)
- Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI)
- Bangladesh Sangbad Sangshta BSS
- Bangladesh Law Commission
- Jobs opportunity and business support JOBS ( USAID Project)
- Ansted University (International University Incorporated in British Virgin Islands)
- Banga Bandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University (BSMRAU)
- Bangladesh Social Science Research Council (BSSRC)
- Managing At The Top (MATT)
(A project of Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre)
- Conservation of Biodiversity, Marine Park Establishment and Eco tourism Development at Saint Martin’s Island.
- Sandhani Dhaka Medical College
- Virtual Library Management System
- Trade Cooperation and Economic Policy Reform in South Asia (TRACE)
- National AIDS/STD Program - Directorate of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
- Bangladesh Development Gateway
- University Campus
- Dhaka Medical College (DMC)
- Program for research on chronic poverty in Bangladesh (PRCPB) (a project of BIDS)
- IUCN Bangladesh
- LGED REIN Project


Pilot Projects:
- Millennium Development Goals (MDG) (A Portal in local language Bangla)
- Multipurpose Village Information Centre
- Internet Exchange

Virtual Library Information System (VLIS)

Virtual Library Updated Situation

Name of Library Name of Database Total Entry
Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies
  BIDS Backlog 18000
  Library and Documentation
Centre (LDC)
  Current Awareness Services (CAS) 28439
  Current Awareness Services
(Downloaded) (DCAS)
International Centre for Diarrhoeal
Disease Research (ICDDRB)
DDOC 1964
  DMONO 2513
  DPUB 1901
  JDDR 697
International University of Business
Agriculture and Technology
IUBAT 5361
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
Agricultural University
BRAC University BDOC 982
  (BBOOK) 5232
Bangladesh Public Administration
Training Centre (BPATC)
(BPATC) 49965
Bangladesh Agricultural University Library BAU-FAO 41
Institution and Policy Support Unit (SEMP) IPSU 282
East West University (EWU) 3791
Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB_LB) 11529
  (IUB_DS) 4337
Independent University, Bangladesh
(Chittagong Campus)
(IUBC) 2088
Unnayan Sommunnoy (US) 3100
Capacity Building for Gender Mainstreaming Project (CBGMP)
  Total Records


Work Shop on “Implementation of Virtual Library Information System (VLIS)
Date: April 05, 2002, Venue: BIDS Conference Room, Dhaka

Rakta Karabi (Online Blood Bank)

Cyber Centre Established:

  • Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS)
  • National Press Club

School Programme

  • School Programme in progress( List of Schools)
    Computers have been distributed to 64 schools throughout the country (Click for Map)


  • Bangladesh Law commission staffs are being trained on WEB development, conducted by SDNP in collaboration with JOBS – IRIS (a project of USAID).
  • ccTLD Name Server Training organized by World Wide Alliance of Top Level Domain –names and SDNP Bangladesh.
  • APNIC Training on Effective IP Address Management: Asia-Pacific Policies and Procedures
  • SDNP and BIDS staff
  • All sub implementing agencies (SIAs) of Sustainable Environment Management Programme in their individual locations.
  • COM Net internet Workshop done from November 20-22, 2001 for German Foundation for population in association with UNFPA
  • Bangladesh Law commission staffs on basic computing and trouble shooting in collaboration with JOBS – IRIS (a project of USAID)
  • Work Shop on “Implementation of Virtual Library Information System (VLIS)


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